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Stylish Butterflies™ Hair Clip set

Stylish Butterflies™ Hair Clip set

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No matter of your hair type or style, our Stylish Butterflies™ clip set will always give you a cool new look

  • Premium Material : made of high-quality plastic and metal, which makes them sturdy, durable, reusable, rust-resistant, and not easy to damage or fade. Besides, it is light in weight which can not cause any burden to your hair.
  • Delicate Design  : With no-slip grip design, interlocking jaws can keep hair in place, and help you to personalize your hairstyle and match various outfits. Conveniently hold small sections of hair for cutting, curling or drying.
  • Multi Purpose  : These small butterfly claw clips are cute hair accessories for any age or style, which are suitable for party favors, classrooms, and stocking up for personal use. Besides, it is an ideal gift to send to your daughter, girlfriend or anyone who want to have a beautiful hairstyle.
  • FREE e-book with Hairstyle tips : You will get a FREE hairstyle e-book with a DIY guide to improve your beauty of hair with our Stylish Butterflies™ clip set (Any pack). You will get it within 24 hours to your email after placing the order.
  • Style's Bug Warranty  : We are committed to provide the best specialized styles and best services to you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems with the product. Customer satisfaction is on our top most priority. We will assist you until you are fully satisfied.

Package Includes   : You can choose the number of pieces and these are coming in random colors.


The width of each butterfly hair clip is 0.6 inch/ 1.5 cm, and the length is 0.7 inch/ 1.8cm. Maximum opened width is 1.2 inch / 3cm. Small but useful butterfly hair clips suit for most using ways.


Many hairstyle upgrades with Stylish Butterflies™


Why we love them: A natural curly texture adds all the more uniqueness to a butterfly clips look.


Why we love them: This butterfly clips look makes us feel like we should be starring in a classic RomCom, since it has seen its fair share of screen-time. The look is stylish and practical, since it helps to keep your hair out of the way.


Why we love it: Face-framing strands are having a moment in the beauty world, from color options like eGirl hair to cuts like curtain bangs. Whether you’re rocking on of the latest trends or simply want to highlight your facial features.


Why we love them: They’re already a hairstyle that’s fun. When you add Stylish Butterflies™ clips into the mix, the hairstyle gets a whimsical, creative upgrade.


Why we love them: This hairstyle pulls your strands out of your face while still allowing you to flaunt your length. It’s also one of the easiest ways to wear Stylish Butterflies™ clips in hair.

6. Make a Crown

Why we love them: you can see how a crown of butterflies across the top of your head will really draw the attention of anyone who sees you. Mix and match the colors of your clips for a unique look, or make them all the same if you want something more cohesive.


Why we love them: Stylish Butterflies™ clips are perfect for those who are carefree and full of spirit. It also conveniently keeps your strands out of your face.

And you can use Stylish Butterflies™ with many more hair styles. Also you will get all these hairstyles and how to DIY in our FREE e-book. You will get the e-book to your email within 24 hours after the purchase of Stylish Butterflies™ Hair Clip set (Any pack).

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