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Lazy Waxer X - Instant Car Scratch Repairer and polisher

Lazy Waxer X - Instant Car Scratch Repairer and polisher

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Why pay money to polish the car?

Turn your old car paint with scratches to a new one at home easily with our lazy waxer X.


  • A new way to wax  : with a minimum effort while getting a maximum effect.
  • Easy to grip : with the handle and the wax storage box are combined with rounded corners it will give a super easy grip and a gentle feeling to the hand.
  • Sponge material : will polish the car smoothly and will give a super bright look while protecting the original paint.
  • Repair scratches and defects : lazy waxer X will not only polish the car it will completely convert your car's paint like a new one by removing scratches.Lazy waxer X will effectively fill the gaps by penetrating the paint surface, making the car look flat and shiny.
  • Patented and Certificated Bionics design (Patented certificate number 201921551458.0) :As the convex side of the silica gel wax on bottom of the wax storage box is inward the pressure of the liquid car wax is insufficient to push it away when gently press the top, the liquid car wax is given a  downward force to squeeze  out the wax by pushing away the convexity.
  • Fast waxing ,no residue and saves time.


  • Size                             ;  110*110*92mm
  • Material                      :   ABS/PC/Sponge
  • Suitable for                 ;   any paint
  • Car wax composition  ; Cetostearyl alcohol , Stearic acid ,mineral oil ,kathon ,      essence ,ethylene glycol monosterate.
  • Car wax state              ; Emulsion
  • Car wax capacity         ; 100ml
  • Car wax Service life     ; 5 years


Package includes

  • Waxing Machine*1
  • Car Wax*1
  • Towel*1
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