Top 3 Corgi-Filled Movies - From Furry Sidekicks to Stars

Top 3 Corgi-Filled Movies - From Furry Sidekicks to Stars

Corgis have pranced their way into our hearts on the big screen, proving time and again that their small stature holds an immeasurable amount of charm, wit, and loyalty. Here are the Top 3;

1. Royalty's Favorite: "The Queen's Corgi" (2019)

Corgis and royalty go hand in paw, and this animated flick gives a delightful peek into the life of Queen Elizabeth II's beloved corgis. Follow Rex, the mischievous corgi, on his adventure to reclaim his place in the palace.

2. Furry Hero: "Superpower Dogs" (2019)

Though not a feature film, this documentary celebrates the incredible work of real-life hero dogs, including Henry, a corgi who works as a therapy dog, showcasing the breed's intelligence and heart.

3. Quirky Comedy: "Barnyard" (2006) The animated comedy showcases a quirky farmyard and includes a charming corgi named Daisy, whose witty remarks and spunky attitude add layers of humor to the storyline.

These top 3 movie moments featuring corgis highlight their versatility, cuteness, and undeniable star power!

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First one is my fav


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